How Device ID Boosts Travel Tourism Campaign Results

As travel tourism grows again, adding Device ID targeting to your ad campaigns is a crucial part of getting better results. With Device ID, we see increased foot traffic, brand awareness, downloads of visitor guides, revenue, and more. We highly recommend considering it in your advertising campaigns because we see the results every day with our clients.  

The World Travel & Tourism Council estimates travel tourism to grow by 5.8% annually between 2022 and 2032. With this anticipated growth, we have an opportunity to use new strategies like Device ID to make standing out easier. 

Using Mobile Device ID helps us better understand location-based behavior and allows us to draw insights from the data we collect for campaigns and the business in general. We build a better understanding of audience composition, where your audience visits, how often, how long they stay, and it allows us to deliver precise advertising to them. It bridges your brand to potential travelers, offering them a tailored ad experience across channels like display, video, CTV, social, and more.

How Device ID Improves Campaign Performance: 

Conversion Rates 

One of the most potent benefits of using Device IDs is the potential to significantly grow conversion rates. For instance, if users have browsed your holiday packages but haven’t made a purchase and you retarget these users based on their Device IDs, users are more likely to complete the booking.  

Besides conversion rates in digital environments, another key component we track is foot traffic to your location(s). If your campaign goals are targeted towards more visitors to your location or event, we use users Mobile Device ID’s to identify the increase in visits. We can connect advertising spend back to foot traffic using visitors’ unique Mobile Device ID and show cost per visit/visitor metrics. 

The ability to re-engage potential customers to within 3 feet accuracy ensures your marketing budget is used effectively. 

Personalization and Customer Satisfaction 

Remember the last time you felt a brand “just got you”? Personalization can achieve that. Offering tailored deals to returning hotel guests based on past interactions can significantly increase guest satisfaction and drive repeat bookings.

Ad Spend and Driving a Better ROI 

To increase advertising ROI, we use Device ID data in pinpoint the most impactful ads and weed out the less impactful ones. This means a travel agency could spend less on advertising while still maintaining or increasing its bookings.

Brand Loyalty 

Loyalty is gold in the travel and tourism sector. By identifying repeat customers via Mobile Device IDs, companies can roll out exclusive offers, ensuring customers come back time and time again. Think of it as rewarding them for their brand loyalty, a strategy that has proven results with higher pre-booking rates. 

Examples of Device ID in Travel Tourism Campaigns: 

Personalized Advertising Experience 

  • A potential traveler browsed flights to Bali but didn’t book. By leveraging their Device ID, we can retarget them with specific offers or reminders, increasing the likelihood of conversions. We would also align destination suggestions with their preferences, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing bookings. 

Improved Cross-device User Experience 

  • If a potential traveler starts booking on a mobile device and switches to a desktop, Device ID ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience throughout the process. It increases the likelihood of the traveler completing the desired conversion activity.

New Market Opportunities: 

  • If a local tourism group wants to attract more visitors to their annual event, we can use Device ID to reveal opportunities. It helps identify the primary cities audiences travels from, what attractions they visit, their length of visit, and more. Using this data, we can tailor ads to not only the primary cities, but also neighboring or similar cities with lookalike audiences. 

Client Results:

In a recent campaign, we used Device ID to target an audience our client previously used manual outreach methods which were resource heavy and had limited reach. We delivered exposure at scale for this client in way they could not have done without Device ID.

For your specific campaign objectives, we’ll identify key KPIs, guarantee brand-safe ad placements, and align with your overall advertising targets. We prioritize our campaigns towards ROI and delivering real business impact to you. Mobile Device ID is a powerful tool we can use to increase travelers, conversions, and event attendance. 

If you are looking for an advertising partner to make the most of your marketing budget, we would love to connect with you. Send us an email ( and we’ll be happy to see how we can best support you.

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