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We are proud to support brands in their desire to grow their business. Our experience ranges across all industries and we use our expertise in targeting to deliver impactful results to our clients.

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Automotive Services Client

  • Lead Generation, Click-to-Call
  • Bottom of the Funnel
  • Programmatic, SEM, CTV, Retargeting, SEO, Paid Social
  • B2C, Retail 


  • Audience Targeting – Paid Search to identify bottom of the funnel buyers.
  • Conversion Focus – High converting ad copy and call tracking.
  • Retargeting – Programmatic retargeting of SEM audiences.
  • Optimization – We used campaign data to identify top performing ads and reallocated budget to reduce cost per call even more.


  • 122% Call Increase
  • 71.8% Decrease in Cost per Call
  • 37.2% Decrease in Ad Spend
  • $1.07 Million in Added Revenue
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Higher Education Client

  • Awareness Campaign
  • Top of Funnel
  • Programmatic, SEM, Retargeting, Paid Social
  • Higher Education


  • Audience Targeting – Used mobile geo-fencing to target and retarget police officers in 4 priority cities.
  • Awareness Focus – Generate interest in learning more about UNT’s new criminal justice program.
  • Retargeting – Strategically placed ads prior to and during enrollment periods for a bachelor and master’s program.


  • 392,362 Impressions
  • 581 Ad Clicks
  • .30% CTR
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Home Services Client

  • Awareness and Conversion
  • Full Funnel Marketing Strategy
  • Programmatic, CTV, Display Retargeting
  • B2C, Home Service


  • Audience Targeting – We identified homeowners with a specific household income within client provided zip codes.
  • CTV Campaigns – Using CTV, we narrowed in on these audiences and set up intelligent programmatic retargeting.
  • Optimization – We increased lead volume and year-over-year revenue by continually including new relevant prospects.
  • Tracking – Use phone call and form tracking, we were able to identify the number of leads coming from the campaign.


  • 242.8% Impression Increase
  • 1,032% Conversion Increase

Manufacturing Client

  • Awareness and Lead Generation
  • Full Funnel Marketing Strategy
  • Programmatic, Paid Social, Retargeting
  • B2B, Manufacturing


  • Audience Targeting – We targeted individuals working in fashion, material sourcing, designer, buyers, C-Suite, and brand strategists.
  • Programmatic – Throughout the campaign, we saw a 60% increase of CTR, increased sessions, and increased average time spent on landing page.
  • Paid Social – We coordinated efforts across SEM, Meta, and LinkedIn to build awareness, recognition, interest, and then engagement.


  • 6 Million Impressions
  • Over 46k Clicks Generated
  • LinkedIn CTR 1.5x Average
  • 18.5% SEM CTR
Signing Day Sports Logo

Sports Agency Client

  • Awareness then Conversion
  • Highly Targeted Demographic
  • Device ID Targeting, Retargeting, Paid Social
  • B2C, Event Targeting


  • Audience Targeting – We built a custom and highly targeted audience enabling SDS to efficiently reach their target.
  • Programmatic – We had pre and post event campaigns to support three goals: website traffic, foot traffic, and app downloads.
  • Search and Social – We did prospecting and retargeting around the event to increase conversions.
  • Future Campaigns – We will use what we learned in this campaign to benefit and further optimize more SDS events.


  • 1,900 App Downloads
  • $3.84 Cost Per Download
  • 1,747 Website Traffic
  • 9.1% Google SEM CTR
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Real Estate Client

  • Lead Generation
  • Bottom of the Funnel
  • Paid Search, Paid Social, Retargeting
  • B2C, Real Estate


  • Audience Targeting – Used dozens of data points to identify the most eligible candidates.
  • Conversion Focus – High converting conversion funnel.
  • SEM Campaign – Our campaigns narrowed down on the right audiences and set up programmatic retargeting.
  • Optimization – We optimized the search and display campaigns to identify top performing assets.


  • 800% ROAS on High Tickets
  • $81 Cost per Lead
  • 9.01% Click-thru Ratio
  • 31.58% Conversion Rate

Water Technology Client

  • Branding and Awareness
  • Full and Mid Funnel Marketing Strategy
  • Display, Geofencing and Device ID, Programmatic Retargeting
  • B2C, eCommerce


  • Geographic Optimization – We started with targeting 9K specific zip codes and after 60 days, optimized significantly based on performance. For the rest of the campaign, we targeted the highest performing 1,600 zip codes for Display and 468 zip codes for Video
  • Device Optimization – Once we collected enough performance data, we deprioritized Desktop devices and reallocated budgets for Mobile Devices, Mobile Apps, and Tablets. These adjustments improved ROAS for the client.


  • 15 Million Impressions
  • 28K Clicks
  • 64.36% Video Completion Rate
  • $1.96 CPC

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