About Us

We are a results-driven digital marketing agency creating high-engagement campaigns based on precise targeting and with insightful reporting. We deliver business growth to you.

Our Experience

Collectively, our team has over 50 years of experience in deploying successful paid digital media campaigns for our clients. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to create digital media campaigns centered around your unique business and the tangible results you want to see. We can help you increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and generate leads for your business.

Our Approach

Our approach is underscored by our Operations and Client Success team who deliver top-level support and communication. We have established processes to take advantage of new opportunities, minimize errors and ad spend waste, and maintain engagement for the best results. Our insightful campaign reporting is created to build trust and transparency so you know how and where your investment is being used. We believe in building long-standing relationships with our clients through our commitment, passion for excellence, and ultimately, great results.

Our clients trust us to help them achieve their marketing goals, and we take this responsibility seriously. When you work with Calculated Conversions, you are partnering with a team who prioritizes delivering results to you.

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The Calculated Conversions Team

Travis Wilky Headshot

Travis Wilky

Dustin Sparman Headshot

Dustin Sparman

Dima Rousseau

Director of Operations
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Julia Berger

Director of Marketing
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Josh French

Director of Sales
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Sam Wilcox

Sr. Client Success Manager
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Kaohli Ly

Sr. Ad Operations Manager
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Andrea Primo

Paid Social Media Buyer
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Scott McElreath

Programmatic Media Buyer
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Dezzie Setier

Executive Assistant, Sales Coordinator
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