Programmatic Display

Programmatic automates the buying and selling of digital ad space for specific audiences. 

Programmatic Display

Display ads are a form of online advertising involving visually engaging advertisements displayed on websites, social media platforms, and various digital channels.

Unlike search engine marketing (SEM) ads that appear on search engine results pages, display ads appear on other websites or platforms as banners, images, videos, interactive elements, or rich media.

Key Benefits of Programmatic Display

Visual Appeal

Display ads leverage images, videos, and animations to capture users’ attention and convey messages effectively.

Brand Awareness

Display ads help increase brand visibility by exposing your brand to a broader audience across different online platforms.

Audience Targeting

Advertisers can target specific demographics, interests, behaviors, and locations to reach their ideal audience.


Display ads enable retargeting, which shows ads to users who have previously interacted with your website, reinforcing your brand message.

Diverse Formats

Display ads come in various formats, such as static banners, animated GIFs, videos, interactive HTML 5 ads, and more.


Rich media display ads encourage user interaction, enhancing engagement, and potentially driving higher click through ratios.

Why Advertisers Use Programmatic Display

Broad Reach

Display ads reach a wide audience across different websites, helping advertisers tap into new markets and potential customers.

Visual Storytelling

Display ads provide an opportunity to tell a compelling visual story about your product or service, creating a memorable impression.

Product Showcasing

Display ads can showcase products, especially visually appealing ones like fashion, electronics, or home décor.


Display ads allow advertisers to remind users of products they showed interest in, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Cross-Platform Presence

Display ads can be placed on various websites, social media platforms, and mobile apps, ensuring a cross-channel presence.

Programmatic Display Examples

Banner Ads

A fashion brand’s banner ad showcasing its new summer collection, with an enticing image of models wearing the latest clothing line. The ad might have a call-to-action button like “Shop Now”.

Video Ads

A car manufacturer runs a video ad on YouTube showcasing the features of their latest model. The ad highlights the car’s sleek design, advanced technology, and performance.

Interactive Ads

An electronics retailer creates an interactive ad for a new gaming laptop. Users can explore the laptop’s features by clicking on different paths of the ad, revealing detailed information and specifications.

Native Ads

A health and wellness company partners with a lifestyle blog to create a native ad and blends in with the blog’s content. The ad provides useful tips on staying healthy and includes a discreet link to the company’s products.

Retargeting Ads

A user visits an online furniture store but doesn’t make a purchase. Later, while browsing another website, they see a display ad showing the exact furniture items they previously viewed, encouraging them to reconsider.

Programmatic Display Highlights

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