Mobile Device ID

Using Mobile Device ID, we target your desired audience with precision and personalization. Maintain cross-channel consistency and improved campaign performance.

Mobile Device ID

Mobile Device ID targeting is a digital advertising strategy that involves identifying and targeting specific mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to deliver relevant ads to users based on their device’s unique identifier.

It relies on collecting and utilizing device-specific information, such as Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) on Android devices and Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) on iOS devices. Advertisers use this data to create highly targeted and personalized campaigns that reach users on their mobile devices. 

Key Benefits of Mobile Device ID

Precision Targeting

Mobile ID device targeting enables advertisers to deliver ads to specific devices, allowing for precise audience segmentation based on device attributes.

Increased Relevance

By targeting users on their preferred devices, advertisers can ensure their messages are relevant and timely, increasing the chances of engagement.


Advertisers can create customized and personalized messages for users based on their device preferences, behaviors, and app usage.

Improved ROI

Precise targeting reduces ad wastage, making campaigns more cost-effective and efficient.

Cross-Channel Consistency

Mobile ID targeting can be integrated with other advertising channels to create a consistent and cohesive user experience.

Advanced Analytics

Mobile ID device targeting allows for detailed tracking and analysis of user interactions and conversions.

Why Advertisers Use Mobile Device ID

Device-Centric Strategy

As mobile device usage continues to rise, advertisers can ensure their messages are seen where users spend most of their online time.

Audience Segmentation

Mobile ID targeting enables advertisers to segment audiences based on specific devices, operating systems, or app preferences.


Advertisers can leverage mobile IDs to deliver location-based ads, targeting users in specific geographic areas.

App Install Campaigns

Mobile ID targeting is effective for promoting app downloads and encouraging users to engage with specific apps.

Personalized Offers

Advertisers can tailor offers, discounts, or promotions based on users’ device behaviors and preferences.

Mobile Device ID Examples

Retail Promotion

A clothing retailer uses mobile ID device targeting to deliver a discount code for their online store to users who have previously installed their mobile app.

Location-Based Ads

A restaurant chain targets users near their physical locations, delivering ads with a special offer to encourage foot traffic.

App Download Campaign

A gaming company targets users who have shown interest in similar games, delivering an ad promoting the download of their new game.

Operating System Targeting

An app developer runs a campaign targeting only iOS users to promote their new app version, highlighting features specific to the iOS platform.


A music streaming service targets users who frequently use music-related apps, promoting their service as an alternative option.

Device-Specific Offers

A mobile accessories retailer offers a limited-time discount on phone cases to users who own specific smartphone models.

Mobile Device ID Highlights

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