The Power of Programmatic Advertising

programmatic advertising benefits

In the last several years, there have been constant changes in marketing, advertising, consumer behavior, and technology. As these areas continue to evolve, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve with what’s possible and in alignment with your target audience. Companies serious about business growth are pursuing newer methods to be top of mind […]

Crafting an Effective Media Buying Strategy

purchasing media networks and having a marketing strategy

Media buying is often a major facet of our work in marketing as we navigate spots on all types of media platforms. It’s become increasingly common to outsource this function of our work, but whether in-house or outsourced, it is crucial to have an in depth understanding of effective media buying. Here is a step-by-step […]

Navigating the Social Media Advertising Landscape

social media advertising and making connections

As we continue to immerse ourselves into the digital age, the world of advertising also continues to evolve. Those of us in the marketing field who seek to maximize reach and engagement, understanding and leveraging social media platforms is no longer an option; it’s an essential part of any successful strategy. From billion-user giants like […]